Blade is Set to be Bloody: The Goal is an R-Rating

The cinema release is slated for 2025

by Jonas Reichel on November 7, 2023

Good news for all fans of the popular vampire hunter: Marvel has approved a brutal version of "Blade".

The MCU project "Blade" is likely to remain one of the most interesting projects that Marvel will be working on in the coming years. However, the film has repeatedly made negative headlines in recent months, most recently with several postponements and countless script revisions.

Now, however, it seems that an agreement has been reached regarding the age rating, because in an interview with Deadline, director Yann Demange revealed that the action film is to be given an R rating. According to Demange, the character played by Mahershala Ali is to be portrayed with plenty of ruthlessness and roughness.

"Blade" will have a budget of 100 million dollars, which is quite modest by Marvel standards, and is due to be released in cinemas in 2025. We are looking forward to it!