Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: New Characters and Cast Members Revealed

Joining them is also a Netflix star

by Pierre Lorenz on September 26, 2021

The upcoming "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" is taking shape. The main cast around Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Amber Heard as Mera was already known: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II joins as Black Manta, Patrick Wilson plays Orm and Dolph Lundgren embodies King Nereus. Fans can now look forward to further first-class additions: as was recently announced, Netflix star Indya Moore will take on the role of the antagonistic character Karshon, also known as the Shark. This one may be familiar to some from the "Green Lantern" comics, where she not only possesses telepathic powers, but can also emit radioactive emissions. In addition, "Clash of the Titans" actor Vincent Regan slips into the role of King Atlan, who was once the ruler of Atlantis and already appeared in the first part by means of flashbacks, albeit with a different cast at the time. The last newcomer confirmed is Jani Zhao. She hasn't really had the chance to gain experience on the big screen yet, but is now expected to play the character Stingray. And what makes it so special is that Stingray is actually not from the comics, and embodies a role created solely for the sequel. Last but not least, we are happy to see a returning character from the first part that has not been previously announced. It's Randall Park, whom we already know from a mid-credit scene in the prequel. He plays marine biologist Stephen Shim, who has made a pact with Black Manta. The deal involves Manta taking him to Atlantis in exchange for helping him defeat Aquaman. You can find out the outcome at the end of next year on December 16, 2022.

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