A new "Frozen"?

That's what's behind Disney's remake plans

by Pierre Lorenz on May 19, 2020

And again, not a month goes by without Disney announcing another live-action movie. In the last few years, it was mainly new editions of 90s Disney classics such as "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin" or "The Lion King" as live-action film adaptations. As the well-informed website TheDisinsider now reports, Disney is currently working on a film adaptation of Hans-Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen", which already served as a loose template for Disney's mega hit "Frozen". According to current information, however, it is not supposed to be an official remake, instead the project with the English title "The Snow Queen" will revolve around a completely new story. Whoever was looking forward to a reunion with Anna and Elsa will be disappointed at this point. Therefore, you can strongly assume that the new project will be even more oriented towards Andersen's fairy tales than it was ever the case with "Frozen".

If you can still remember the development process of the first "Frozen" part, you will find that the story around Elsa in the early stages was much closer to Andersen's original and that Elsa was originally planned as the evil Snow Queen. In the end, to the delight of many fans, the bitterly evil Snow Queen became the Elsa we know.

So in the new "The Snow Queen" we can assume that we will get to see the character from which Elsa was created as a villain or antagonist after all. In the original movie the evil Snow Queen kidnaps the orphan boy Kay and forces his companion Gerda to rescue him. Which role the magic mirror created by the devil plays in this case, you can either read in the fairy tale collection of Hans Christian Andersen or you wait for the release of "The Snow Queen". An exact date is not yet known, but according to current information the movie will not be released on Disney+, but in the cinema.

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