New Celebs found for "Dungeons & Dragons" Movie Adaptation!

Actor Hugh Grant should suit the villain role

by Pierre Lorenz on March 3, 2021

As Deadline recently reported, Hollywood stars Hugh Grant and Sophia Lillis will join the cast of Paramount's "Dungeons & Dragons" adaptation. The 60-year-old Brit is expected to take on the role of the antagonist, while his only 19-year-old colleague, who made her mark in projects including Andy Muschietti's two "IT" movies, will play an as yet unnamed role. Both will inevitably be in front of the camera with the protagonist Chris Pine, who has been revealed for quite some time. Currently, nothing is known about the content, but the film will most likely be set in the typical "Dungeons & Dragons" setting full of orcs, dragons and magic. Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley were appointed as directors a while ago, and the script is also said to have been written by the two of them. Believing the rumors, the film revolves around an adventurer who together with his mystical companions wants to find a well-hidden treasure. Still, these are only wild speculations and we will have to wait a little longer before we get any official information. The expected release date of the "Dungeons & Dragons" film adaptation is May 27th, 2022. 

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