New "Indiana Jones" without Harrison Ford?

The 76-year-old actor is furious

by Pierre Lorenz on May 29, 2019

It recently became known that cult director Steven Spielberg is currently planning another

film adventure for the Indiana Jones series. So far so good.

However, Spielberg doesn't want Harrison Ford as the main actor anymore, but a new face.

This doesn't seem to have pleased Ford so much, as shortly afterwards he said in an

interview with the US channel NBC: "Nobody will be Indiana Jones. Don't you understand? I

am Indiana Jones. When I'm not around anymore, he's gone. It's that simple."

His possible successors as a whip-swinging archaeologist are Chris Pine or Chris Pratt.

Will Lucasfilm and Steven Spielberg listen to Harrison Ford? That's quite questionable, since

both have great interest in continuing the cult series, probably even without the 78-year-old


But to be sure we have to be patient for a while, because neither Spielberg nor Lucasarts

said anything about Ford's statements yet.

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