The Batman: The shooting is on hold

Leading actor Robert Pattinson has been tested positive

by Pierre Lorenz on September 4, 2020

The filming of "The Batman" has just been resumed and is already on hold again. Just a few days ago it was reported that a crew member has been tested positive, but in the meantime it is clear that this refers to the leading actor Robert Pattinson. A bitter setback for the whole team, because at the moment it is not yet possible to estimate when the production can be continued. The release date on September 30, 2021 is still a year away, but it is said that the "The Batman" crew still has at least three months of shooting ahead of them. Of course, the question of whether Pattinson has infected other members of the team is a serious one, which is why not even the scenes in which Pattinson is not directly visible can be shot at the moment.

According to media reports, the shooting of "Jurassic World 3" was less badly affected. Also four employees tested positive, but they were immediately quarantined.

It can only be hoped that the shooting of "The Batman" will resume soon so that the release date of october 1, 2021 is no longer in danger.

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