Godzilla vs. Kong: Composer Reveals Exciting Detail About Upcoming Blockbuster

New images have also been revealed, as well as the running time of the film

by Pierre Lorenz on March 4, 2021

Pleasant news for all fans of the MonsterVerse! A few days ago, not only was there new footage from "Godzilla vs. Kong", but the potential running time of the film was also leaked. According to the French website AlloCine, "Godzilla vs. Kong" is expected to run for 1 hour and 53 minutes, which would make it not only the shortest "Godzilla" movie, but also the shortest MonsterVerse movie outright. Although Legendary Entertainment has not yet made a statement on the matter, the new approach would make perfect sense, since the previous movies have always had to put up with the complaint of being longer than necessary. Speaking of longer: in an interview with ScreenRant, film composer and YouTuber Junkie XL revealed another exciting detail. He stated that one of the fight scenes between the two giants will last a whopping 18 minutes. Those who have already seen the first trailer will know which scene is meant, namely the one in which Godzilla sneaks up on one of the aircraft carriers to attack Kong. It will be exciting in any case, because "Godzilla vs. Kong" will be released on March 31st in the US, both in theaters and on HBO Max.

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