Paw Patrol 3 was announced

The success of the franchise is unstoppable

by Tom Hartig on September 27, 2023

"Paw Patrol 2: The Mighty Movie" has not even started yet, already the big announcement: "Paw Patrol 3" is coming, was made! Paramount Pictures has given the green light for the sequel, which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2026.

The feature films are based on the globally successful children's series developed by Spin Master Entertainment. It has existed since 2013 and is currently in its tenth season. Originally broadcasted on Canadian channel TVOntario, the series found its way to film distributor Paramount Pictures via Nickelodeon. "Paw Patrol: The Movie" played in $144 million worldwide in 2021.

Direction for the third film is in the hands of Cal Brunker, who previously directed the first two films. The producers include numerous names who are also responsible for the animated series. While the announcement of "Paw Patrol 3" is making the rounds, however, the public is probably looking forward to the theatrical release of "Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie" on September 29. Another box office success for the worldwide phenomenon seems more than likely.

Image of Paw Patrol 2: The Mighty Movie Trailer (2023)

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