Snow White: Gal Gadot Assumes High-Profile Role in Disney Adventure

Production of the live-action movie has already been in progress for five years

by Pierre Lorenz on November 4, 2021

Gal Gadot's role as the leading actress and producer of "Wonder Woman 1984" didn't really generate much enthusiasm. Now she could be heading into a completely different direction: the remake of a Disney classic. We are talking about the movie company's "Snow White" live-action adaptation, which has been in the planning stages for several years now, but has not really made any progress. In it, Gadot could play the role of the wicked witch who poisoned Snow White by giving her an apple. The Brothers Grimm fairy tale was first adapted by Disney in 1937. According to Deadline, Gadot is in the final stages of her contract negotiation, meaning she will most likely be seen alongside Rachel Zegler, who is expected to play the lead role. Disney's strategy is clear, as they obviously want to build on the very profitable remakes of old classics, as seen not least in 2019's "The Lion King". Nevertheless, there should be a special emphasis on "Snow White", after all, the old movie was the very first full-length animated film from Disney at the time. We are eager to see who else will join the cast and look forward to more news about "Snow White". 

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