Pokémon: New Live-Action Series Believed to Already Be in Progress

Production will be handled by "Lucifer" showrunner Joe Henderson

by Pierre Lorenz on July 26, 2021

Pokémon haven't just arrived in the movie world since "Detective Pikachu". The little creatures, which have been popular for generations, can no longer be found only on playing cards and gaming consoles, but now they are even set to get their own live-action series for the first time. Well, at least if the US magazine Variety is to be believed, who have received this information from exclusive sources. So the series is being produced for Netflix and to make sure it is appealing in the end, Joe Henderson, the co-showrunner of the hit series "Lucifer", has been hired. He will be in charge of the script as well as the production. Unfortunately, at this point it is still completely unclear what the plot of the live-action series will consist of. Thus, we all need to be patient a little longer until we get more information regarding the Netflix project. 

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