Fast & Furious 10: Hollywood Star Engaged for New Role

Also, Scott Eastwood makes a comeback

by Pierre Lorenz on May 25, 2022

New actors are constantly joining the cast of "Fast & Furious 10", or "Fast X" for short. Whether it's big roles like Jason Momoa's or just minor ones. One of these more minor roles was recently given to a true Hollywood icon, and that is Rita Moreno. The 90-year-old "West Side Story" actress was one of the few performers to win every major film award in the industry during her 70-year career: in other words, Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Tony Award and Golden Globe. In fact, only 16 people have managed to do that in film history, so that's an extremely impressive lifetime achievement. In a cute video on Instagram, Vin Diesel revealed the casting of Moreno, who will play Dom Toretto's grandmother in the film.

In addition to Moreno, the return of a well-known "Fast & Furious" star has also been confirmed. The talk is of Scott Eastwood, who is not only the son of Clint Eastwood; in "Fast & Furious" he also played the role of Little Nobody. It is still unclear on whose side Little Nobody will be and whether Kurt Russell will also return as Mr. Nobody. The shooting of "Fast X" under the new director Louis Leterrier is well underway and we are hoping for more news about the already giant movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters on May 19, 2023.

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