Pinocchio: Tom Hanks can be seen for the first time as Geppetto

Disney+ movie adaption to be released in September

by Pierre Lorenz on March 10, 2022

Everyone knows the little Italian wooden figure whose nose keeps growing when he lies: sure, we're talking about Pinocchio. This character has been part of Disney's movie universe since 1940 and will be getting a new live-action movie version on Disney+ this year. Fittingly, there was already a first picture of the two main characters Pinocchio and Mister Geppetto. While the wooden boy gets his voice lent by 13-year-old Benjamin Evan Ainsworth and is of course CGI-animated, Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks plays the kindly old woodcarver. At first glance, the closeness to the original is striking; after all, in the past Disney often made the decision to give old familiar characters a completely new coat of paint in favor of diversity and variety. Pinocchio and Geppetto, on the other hand, look as if they came straight out of the animated movie adaption, which has made many fans optimistic. The script is by "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" writer Chris Weitz, while Robert Zemeckis is responsible for directing. An exact release date for Disney+ is not yet known, but those responsible have announced that it will be in September.

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