Moon Knight: Marvel Confirms Persistent Rumor of a Newcomer

Oscar Isaac is said to get the title role

by Pierre Lorenz on May 28, 2021

Last year, there were already a few rumors about the upcoming "Moon Knight" from Marvel. The company is now generating buzz on Twitter, because at least one of the rumors turned out to be completely true: the signing of Oscar Isaac. The Disney+ series, which is based on Egyptian icons, revolves around the mercenary Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, who suffers from an identity disorder. During a mission in Egypt, he just barely escapes death, although in return he accepts a fateful offer from the God Khonshu and becomes his avatar on Earth. Responsible behind the scenes for directing is most likely Mohamed Diab, while Jeremy Slater and Bea DeMayo are primarily responsible for the script. Unfortunately, it is still unclear when exactly "Moon Knight" will celebrate its release. 

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