Avatar 2: First image of potential villain revealed

The team continues to supply the fans with pictures despite the postponed release

by Pierre Lorenz on October 20, 2020

Almost 11 years after the release of the 3D spectacle "Avatar", the successor is shot and postproduction is in full swing. This week we could see a surprise on the official Twitter channel of "Avatar", because it seems that Edie Falco will embody General Ardmore, the commander of the military organization RDA. Of course, many fans now ask themselves if this could be a hint for a new bad guy role in the "Avatar" universe. After all, the RDA is not exactly known for its diplomatic skills with the Na'vi, but rather for the exploitation of important resources. It seems that General Ardmore will follow in the footsteps of his unscrupulous predecessor Colonel Miles Quaritch and continue his work - not only in "Avatar 2" but also in the successors as it seems. In terms of content, part 2 will focus on the family life of the young parents Jake and Ney'tiri, who have to fight the bitter battle with the RDA on the one hand and on the other hand will show the wonderful underwater world of Pandora in all its glory for the first time.

The release date of "Avatar 2" is currently set for December 2022.

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