Inside Out 2: New Emotions Revealed

The film will be released in cinemas on June 14, 2024

by Jonas Reichel on November 13, 2023

We have news about the emotions: Next year, we can finally look forward to the sequel to the Pixar hit "Inside Out". As part of the trailer release, a number of new emotion characters have now been revealed and they will play an important part in the sequel.

The story of Riley and her emotions will continue in "Inside Out 2", but with one big change: Riley is reaching puberty. This means that all kinds of new emotions will join the previous ones. For example, the emotion "anxiety" already appears in the first trailer, saying:

"I'm sorry, we wanted to make such a good first impression."

In addition to "anxiety", the "we" also includes "ennui", "envy" and "embarrassment". These emotions are also mentioned in the trailer's end credits, which begin by saying:

"The feel good movie of the year."

Shortly afterwards, the word "good" changes to the many other emotions, which can also be seen to some extent in the first images.

While fans are particularly excited that the successful 2015 film is getting a sequel in the first place, we wonder whether these new four emotions will be all we can look forward to. The makers hinted beforehand that we could be in for as many as 27 emotions. However, it can be strongly assumed that not every single one of them will play a major role. As confusing as puberty may be: Viewers have to be able to keep a bit of an overview, of course.

Image of Inside Out 2 Trailer (2024)

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