After official completion of the shooting: This is how bloody "IT 2" could get

Splatter fans should be happy about the statement of Jessica Chastain

by Robin Klaiber on March 6, 2019

After the highly celebrated It in 2017, horror fans can get excited again this year since a second part of it will be released. The shooting officially ended in the last days and in the course of that actress Jessica Chastain was guest in the Tonight Show of Jimmy Fallon. There she made a statement, which especially splatter fans will be pleased to hear: according to Chastain there is supposed to be the bloodiest scene of all horror movies. She even had to wipe fake blood out of her eyes the next day. However, it's doubtful whether you can believe all that, as the promo phase is just starting. But exaggeration or not, many horror fans can't wait until the meanwhile grown-up members of the self-proclaimed club of losers are back to stand up against the monster from sewerage. The US release is already on September 06, 2019.

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