Rumor: New "Men in Black" Movie without Will Smith in the Works

Fans expressed their discontent

by Jonas Reichel on May 2, 2024

News from the "Men in Black": 5 years after the spin-off "Men in Black: International", another movie about the secret organization seems to be in the works. However, it probably won't feature leading actor Will Smith.

The rumor originates from Hollywood insider Daniel RPK, who has proven himself to be a trustworthy source on several occasions. Apparently, Sony Pictures is working on a new "Men in Black" movie. However, it is not known whether this is another spin-off or a continuation of the trilogy featuring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. A few years ago, there was talk of a crossover with the guys from "21 Jump Street" - but since then, nothing has come of it.

One thing seems to be certain, though: Will Smith will most likely not make a return. Initial reactions from fans have been accordingly negative: Many expressed their concerns that a "Men in Black" movie without the two old leading actors just wouldn't be the same. However, it could well be that Smith simply has no desire to step in front of the camera again for the franchise. In 2019, he already stressed that the trilogy was done for him and that there was no need for another part. The flop of "Men in Black: International" may also have confirmed his belief.

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