Trump vs. Warner Bros. ? This is how a little detail could turn into a big lawsuit

By using "Batman" film music, the US president may make himself liable to prosecution

by Robin Klaiber on April 13, 2019

Many American musicians already denied Trump the use of their music at republican events, including Rihanna, Pharrel Williams and Axl Rose. Now another small scandal has arisen, as Warner Bros. is now about to take legal action against Trump for unauthorized use of "Batman" film music. To be specific, Trump has broadcast a video for the upcoming 2020 election campaign on Twitter in which he used music from The Dark Knight Rises, namely Hans Zimmers Why Do We Fall, without authorization. He had posted his slogan Make America Great Again over it. A studio speaker commented: "The use of the Warner Bros score from "The Dark Knight Rises" in the campaign video was unauthorized. We use the appropriate legal methods to

have it removed." By the way, the video is now blocked on Twitter, and we will see how the small legal dispute between the US president and one of the largest film studios in the world will end.

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