No on time production of new Scorsese film

The new Netflix project "The Irishman" takes too much time at the moment

by Pierre Lorenz on May 30, 2019

This summer the production of Martin Scorsese's and Leonardo Di Caprio's movie "Killers Of

The Flower Moon", which had been planned for a long time, was supposed to start, but that

won't happen for now.

The reason for this is the post production of Scorsese's mega project The Irishman, which

will be released on Netflix at the end of the year. The mafia thriller with Robert de Niro, Al

Pacino and Joe Pesci shows several time levels in which the actors are digitally made

younger with a very elaborate method. This is so time-consuming that Scorsese has no time

this summer to produce Killers of the Flower Moon. Which is supposed to be about the

beginning time of the FBI and contains DI Caprio as main actor.

In the meantime other productions of the two will be released, like Scorsese's Rolling

Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story on Netflix on June 12th. DI Caprio will be featured in

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood in the states on the 26th of July.

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