Producer Ben Smith with new statements on "Jason Bourne"

That' s how probable a continuation of the series is

by Pierre Lorenz on October 2, 2019

In 2016 Matt Damon was seen for the fourth time in his role as Jason Bourne. Neither the box-office results nor the critics, however, let us hope that we will see more of the action series in the future. So it's all the more surprising that after four parts with Damon and one part with Jeremy Renner, they are now working on a sixth part. This was revealed by producer Ben Smith, who is also working on the series Treadstone based on the Bourne film series. The title is still secret, but you can be sure that in Bourne 6 there will be connecting elements between the series and the films. When asked about the return of Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner, however, he remained silent.

Until further announcements are made, the series Treadstone remains to be seen, in which ten episodes deal with brainwashing, which turns normal people around the globe into killer machines. In the USA, the series starts on 15 October.

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