After Leak: There is Now the Official Teaser Trailer for the Five Nights at Freddy's Movie

The reactions have been positive so far

by Pierre Lorenz on May 17, 2023

The video game "Five Nights at Freddy's" was released almost nine years ago and has since produced numerous sequels. Shortly after the launch of the game series, there were discussions about a film adaptation, which has been confirmed several times in recent years, but whose production progressed only slowly. Now there is finally the first official teaser for the horror film adaptation.

After a leak recently went viral showing the first clips from an upcoming "Five Nights at Freddy's" trailer, the horror game's fan community proved themselves united and for the most part didn't even watch the unwanted reveal or talk about the scenes shown. As we reported last week, game creator Scott Cawthon expressed his gratitude to the loyal fans on Reddit, who can now finally enjoy the first official teaser.

A look at the video reveals the prevailing mood of the film, which seems to be very close to the original. The focus is on security guard Mike Schmidt, who gets the task of working the night shift at the popular Freddy Fazebear's Pizzeria. In the process, he quickly realizes that the animatronics serve a greater purpose than giving kids fun during the day. At night, Freddy Fazebear and his friends become terrifying machines that require a lot of stamina from Mike as he gradually gets to the bottom of their peculiar behavior.

A closer look at the teaser reveals a few Easter eggs: Above all, the set and some scenes are a one-to-one replica from the game. Even Freddy himself looks as though he's taken straight from one of the video games, which should delight many fans. The music at the end of the teaser is also familiar, which begs the question of whether the soundtrack might also originate from the game.

The starring role of Mike Schmidt will be filled by "Future Man" actor Josh Hutcherson, as also seen in the teaser. "You" actress Elizabeth Lail and Mary Stuart Masterson are also involved. The villain and animatronic creator William Afton is played by "Bosch" and "Scream" actor Matthew Lillard. Emma Tammi, who has already acquired experience in the genre with the western horror "The Wind", is in charge of directing.

The theatrical release for the "Five Nights at Freddy's" movie is scheduled for October 27, 2023, so you can look forward to the long-awaited spooky film right on time for Halloween.

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