Lionsgate announces new "Tributes of Panem" novel

According to the studio, a film is also planned

by Pierre Lorenz on June 21, 2019

For quite some time there has been a prequel to The Tributes of Panem in the room. Now

Studio Lionsgate has announced that a prequel novel by author Suzanne Collins will be

published in May next year. But that's not the only thing, because as Lionsgate boss Joe

Drake announced to the Associated Press, the studio is looking forward to working closely

with the author on a film. He didn't comment on the exact date, but it's considered certain

that a prequel film will come.

The plot will take place 64 years before the events of the books and film adaptations, so it

has to be classified after the so-called dark days and therefore takes place in the period in

which the Hunger Games were introduced for the first time. Therefore a cast return is not to

be counted on, since this would not work regarding the timeline. Details about the release

date are probably not to be expected this year.

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