Rush Hour 4: Lead Actor Jackie Chan Confirms Late Sequel

Rumors of a sequel have often circulated in recent years

by Pierre Lorenz on December 12, 2022

When actor Jackie Chan took the stage at the Red Sea Film Festival, few expected him to announce a sequel to an iconic movie series. Completely unexpected, Chan spoke of an upcoming "Rush Hour 4" that was now officially in the works. That same evening, he said, he had arranged a meeting with the director to reveal his plans. Brett Ratner, who has been more of a producer than a director in recent years, has directed all three "Rush Hour" movies to date. The last installment came out 15 years ago, and Ratner's last time directing was in 2014 for "Hercules", which is also eight years ago already. In 2017, when the director was also confronted with accusations of sexual harassment, Warner Bros. ended all contracts with the 53-year-old and his company RatPac. Thus, the announcement of a sequel came as a great surprise and an actual engagement of Ratner as a director is considered very unlikely.

In terms of plot, the popular comedy movie series revolves around Inspector Lee, who is tasked by the Chinese consul to conduct investigations in Los Angeles under the supervision of local police officer James Carter. Later, the two become friends and solve various cases together. Due to its funny and distinctive style, the movie series is still very famous today, which is mainly due to the chemistry of the two main actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

A planned release date is not known yet, which is not really strange considering the very early stage of production. Stay tuned for further news!

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