James Bond: Amazon plans first series after MGM takeover

However, this project is not a conventional series

by Pierre Lorenz on March 29, 2022

Only recently the news went through the world that Amazon has bought MGM. It looks like the first series project for the coveted "James Bond" series, which now also belongs to Amazon, is already planned. However, "007's Road to a Million" is not a story series about the movies, but a kind of reality TV in which various candidates have the opportunity to win a million pounds. They have to duel each other both physically and mentally at well-known locations from the franchise. The selection process is still underway, so a start date is not yet known. The anticipation among fans doesn't seem to be all that great, considering the reactions to the announcement. Apart from filming locations "007's Road to a Million" doesn't seem to have much to do with the movie series.

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