Blue Beetle: DC Publishes First Poster

The film is directed by Angel Manuel Soto

by Pierre Lorenz on December 7, 2022

Hollywood was shocked when Warner Bros. Discovery, under the leadership of its new CEO, announced that the two movies "Batgirl" and "Scooby-Doo" would never see the light of day, despite their completion. The reason given was the focus on qualitatively larger and better-known projects. For many it was clear that it will certainly not stop at the two films and so only a few believed that DC's "Blue Beetle" would ever run in theaters. Now, via Twitter, DC decided to end the mystery, as the responsible parties published a first poster and thus a definite proof that the film will be released. Much to the delight of many fans, the studio also directly provides a date for the theatrical release, which is August 18, 2023. You cannot really guess much from the new poster, so it is still not clear what the plot will be like.

The superhero has a long history in DC comics and first appeared in Mystery Men Comics #1 in 1939. The beetle-like main character has powers such as superhuman strength, the absorption of energy, a shield against toxic environmental influences and, of course, flying. "Blue Beetle" will also be DC's first film centered around a Latin American superhero. Now that the promotional phase has started, we are looking forward to more news about "Blue Beetle" soon, which will be out on August 18, 2023.

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