No Wonder Woman 3 After All...? DC Contradicts Gal Gadot

The back and forth around the Wonder Woman sequel goes on and on

by Jonas Reichel on August 15, 2023

Barely was "Wonder Woman 3" confirmed by leading actress Gal Gadot, everything is now different again: According to multiple sources at DC, the project is not in the works, contrary to Gadot's statements.

Since the takeover of DC by James Gunn and Peter Safran, the future of Wonder Woman was considered unsure. First, the project was canceled under the new direction of Patty Jenkins. Then, Gal Gadot recently stated that the movie was in development with her. Gunn and Safran had assured her that she was "in the best hands", that they "would develop Wonder Woman 3 with her", and that she "had nothing to worry about".

Naturally, it's a bitter pill to swallow when this is directly denied by DC: Apparently, the DC bosses don't even have plans for another sequel. This news was first reported by Collider and then confirmed by several trade magazines. Except for "Paradise Lost", a prequel series at HBO Max, there will be no notable "Wonder Woman" projects in the near future.

The character will of course appear in the DCU again at some point - after all, she is a regular part of the Justice League. However, an appearance by Gal Gadot seems doubtful at the moment. The actress did express her continued interest in the role. Still, it remains uncertain whether she will actually be cast in it. The example of Henry Cavill as Superman shows that being interested in returning doesn't always go hand in hand with actually being cast.

Fans can nevertheless look forward to the prequel series "Paradise Lost". Unlike the solo movies, the series has a set plan and will introduce us to the island of Themyscira, where the mighty Amazons live. The plot takes place long before the most famous Amazon is born.

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