New movies added to the National Film Registry!

Among them are „The Dark Knight“, „The Blues Brothers“ and „Shrek“

by Pierre Lorenz on December 14, 2020

The annual list of 25 films that are going to be included in the National Film Registry was released on Monday. The whole purpose behind this is the acknowledgement of national cultural assets from the film world. The decision is made by the US Library of Congress. From musicals through to action movies, any movie can be part of it, hence also "The Blues Brothers" from 1980 or "The Dark Knight" from 2008. Our personal highlight is none other than "Shrek" - the first movie, of course. From now on, our reckless hero is among the greatest films of the last decades. Well-deserved do we think!

Image of Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise Rant, The Witcher Season 2, House of the Dragon