District 9 Sequel: Director Neill Blomkamp Reveals First Details on "District 10"

The sequel is expected to deal with another social issue

by Pierre Lorenz on July 21, 2021

The sci-fi film "District 9" was released back in 2009 and delighted fans across the globe with its unconventional approach. Then this February, there was the awesome news: a completely unexpected sequel called "District 10" was announced. Things have been quiet around the surprise sequel since then, until director Neill Blomkamp shared some story details in an interview with IGN a few days ago. According to him, "District 10" will no longer be set in apartheid-plagued South Africa, but will instead deal with certain topics from US history. Unfortunately, it is still unclear what exactly is meant by this. Many speculate though that it will pick up on the subject of race. This would at least not be too different from "District 9", where the South Africans had an alien race squeezed together in confined districts. Moreover, Blomkamp revealed that the script is still in the works and that they are taking the time they need. So, things are progressing slowly but surely, and we anticipate more details about "District 10" very soon. 

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