The Last of Us Season 2: New Season Has Been Officially Confirmed

Meanwhile, fans mourn the loss of Annie Wersching

by Pierre Lorenz on January 31, 2023

The currently available third episode of the first season of "The Last of Us" is not only exciting fans of the game series, but also newcomers to the franchise alike. Even those who couldn't get much out of the survival horror genre before have been pleasantly surprised by the HBO series. It was already clear beforehand that the first season would largely cover the plot of the first game by game developer Naughty Dog, and up to now, speculations about a second season have been persistent, since there is also a second game with an even more extensive storyline than the original. However, an official confirmation from those responsible was not given by the time episode 3 was released.

This has since changed, as it was officially announced on the series' Twitter account a couple of days ago that the journey of Joel and Ellie will continue. For the time being, fans of the first season have six more episodes left before the wait for new episodes begins in mid-March. But the question as to when filming of the new season is scheduled to begin remains unanswered. After all, this will largely determine when we can expect the second season.

The current news about the upcoming season is also overshadowed by the unexpected passing of Annie Wersching, who embodied Joel's close friend Tess in the original game. Just two days after the announcement of another season, Wersching died of cancer, which was not known to the public, leaving the entire industry in mourning. We assume that Wersching will still be paid tribute to in the course of the season, after all, the 45-year-old was not only able to play her role impressively, but was also very popular with her colleagues.

How the story will go on after the end of the last episode is unclear. After all, there are still enough story lines left open between the first and second games, which were released seven years apart. Some of these were barely or not at all dealt with in "The Last of Us: Part II" from 2020, so there is certainly a need for additional stories. Patience is still required until there is absolute clarity regarding the plot of season 2. For now, we're looking forward to the other episodes in the coming weeks, since the fans' high expectations have been more than met so far.

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