Margot Robbie is Producing a Video Game Adaptation of "The Sims"

There are many interesting approaches to a possible plot

by Jonas Reichel on March 21, 2024

With over 200 million copies sold worldwide, "The Sims" is one of the most successful video game series ever. So it's not surprising that Hollywood is now working on a cinematic adaptation of the life simulation.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Margot Robbie and her production company LuckyChap will be teaming up with Vertigo Entertainment to bring a live-action adaptation of the popular game to the big screen. Electronic Arts will also be involved to keep an eye on the project. Kate Herron, who has already directed several episodes for the hit series "Loki" and "The Last of Us", has been hired as director. She will also write the screenplay together with Briony Redman.

Regarding the plot, there is no detailed information yet, but the possibilities seem limitless. After all, the world of the Sims is full of creativity, which could lead to some interesting approaches. It could, for example, take the form of a caustic satire like "Barbie", or a kind of "Jumanji" in which the protagonists are pulled into another world and experience adventures. Or perhaps a sort of "Lego" movie in which the characters have to deal with a constantly changing world? The involvement of Roy Lee, who produced the extremely successful "Lego" film, would at least support the latter theory.

The question concerning a possible cast also remains open for the time being - perhaps Robbie will also be seen in one of the leading roles in addition to her function as a producer of "The Sims" film.

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