Now officially confirmed: Uncharted movie postponed.

Production suffers another setback

by Pierre Lorenz on January 25, 2020

It was quite predictable, and now it is officially confirmed: the movie with Tom Holland will not be released in 2020. The Uncharted filming, which has been plagued by misfortune, will have to accept another drawback. The shooting of the film is once again pushed in the distant future. But there is still a glimmer of hope: Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is already in the wings to start filming the adventure video game. In front of the camera not too much has changed so far - one could almost say fortunately - because the actors Tom Holland, who will play the main character Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg, who plays his mentor Victor Sullivan, have not yet left the sinking ship and are still available in their roles. It remains to be seen whether director Fleischer can and will complete the project, which has been troubled by a number of setbacks in the past on the newly planned release date of 5 March 2021. In any case we keep our fingers crossed!

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