There is Hope for Dungeons & Dragons 2

The fantasy film is considered a flop and a sequel is unlikely

by Jonas Reichel on July 28, 2023

Hope dies last: A possible "Dungeons & Dragons" sequel could come about after all - but only under certain conditions.

The new film version of the popular fantasy game was actually well received by viewers and critics alike: Those familiar with the original in particular saw it as a successful adaptation of the story. At the box office, however, "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" failed to impress and is considered one of the year's big flops. A disappointment for all those who had hoped for the start of a new and promising fantasy film series.

"Dungeons & Dragons 2" is not entirely off the table yet, however, despite its lack of success: Paramount Pictures' CEO Brian Robbins told Variety in an interview that he could imagine a sequel due to the tremendous reception for Part 1. Provided that the sequel could be produced at a lower cost. Thus, there is still faith in the potential of the franchise. One possibility to keep the franchise alive would be to create a Dungeons & Dragons series for the in-house streaming service Paramount+.

Of course, these are only speculations at the moment. The fact is that those responsible are convinced that the movie is a good adaptation, even if the target audience was perhaps smaller than expected. A sequel should thus not fail due to a lack of interest.

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