Black Adam Surprise: Pierce Brosnan Revealed as Dwayne Johnson's Adversary

The former 007 actor will play the magician Doctor Fate

by Pierre Lorenz on March 25, 2021

Between 1995 and 2002, Pierce Brosnan acted four times as the world-famous MI6 agent James Bond. Surprisingly for many fans, it has now been announced that we will soon be seeing the 67-year-old in front of the camera as Dwayne Johnson's adversary in the upcoming "Black Adam". After many years of silence around the Bond actor, he will now celebrate his comeback into the highly anticipated A-List films with the role of the magician Doctor Fate. In the DC universe, his character Doctor Fate has been established in the comics since 1940 and bears the civil name Kent Nelson. From an early age, the superhero acquired his magical powers from the old wizard Nabu. He taught Nelson everything he needed to know about the world of magic and gave him two powerful artifacts: a distinctive golden helmet and the amulet of Anubis. Both objects act as a sort of catalyst for Nelson's powers and increase his strength many times over. So now we will see Doctor Fate as Black Adam's antagonist, though this doesn't mean at all that Doctor Fate is evil, since in the comics he is considered to be a protector of humanity from threats of supernatural nature. Thus, many fans are speculating that both of them will fight each other in the course of the movie, but ultimately will have to face a much greater force and will be compelled to team up. Therefore, it's quite fitting that production is slowly gearing up and hopefully we'll get first pictures from the set in the next few months. A release date for "Black Adam" has unfortunately not yet been announced. 

What do you think about the rather unexpected casting of Pierce Brosnan? Do you think he will harmonize with Dwayne Johnson in front of the camera, or would you have preferred a completely different DC character for the upcoming "Black Adam" movie? Feel free to write us in the comments!

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