"Kill Bill 3": Cult Director Tarantino Has a Clear Conception for the Sequel

However, the rumors concerning a third part don't stop

by Pierre Lorenz on July 1, 2021

Quentin Tarantino is a man in great demand who always seems to have work to do. He is currently promoting his book "Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood" and chats about other projects along the way. The Joe Rogan podcast also discussed a possible "Kill Bill 3" and it looks like Tarantino has a pretty clear idea of what that film ought to look like. The storyline would be set almost 20 years after that of "Kill Bill 2", almost two decades after the Bride and her daughter Bebe finally found peace. Bebe, now an adult, would be played by none other than Uma Thurman's daughter Maya Hawke, who already starred in "Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood" with Tarantino. Thurman herself would then obviously embody the Bride again and presumably be seen on screen alongside Elle Driver, Sofie Fatale and Gogo's twin sister Shiaki.

As we all know, Tarantino is only going to make one more movie, which is why after all these statements, the question naturally arises whether this could already be a teaser for "Kill Bill 3". Unfortunately not, it actually appears to be nothing more than an innocent gimmick; after all, Tarantino has already revealed that his last film will be more of a small epilogue and not a full feature film. Thus, patience is still required... 

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