Resident Evil: The shooting of the reboot is done

The new film will be strongly inspired by the video games

by Pierre Lorenz on December 30, 2020

The "Resident Evil" franchise already has six films to its name. The dubious common factor of all the films so far has been that they had little to do with the original video games. That's about to change with the latest spin-off, however, as director Johannes Roberts has focused on the plot of the first game and completed filming just over a week ago. The content is about a group of the "S.T.A.R.S" unit that is supposed to investigate the Spencer mansion in Racoon City. Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield are supposed to be part of the team. In addition to differences in content, the new reboot is supposed to stand out by focusing much more on the horror component than the action one. The expected release date of the "Resident Evil" reboot is September 10, 2021. Oh by the way, there is a danger of mix-ups with the simultaneously produced "Resident Evil" Netflix series, which is also supposed to be a kind of reboot, but has nothing to do with the video games. This series is actually about Albert Wesker's children, who are investigating a mystery in New Racoon City. A further Netflix series about Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy is also in the works and will be called "Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness".

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