Is the Justice League Snyder Cut coming after all?

For days the hashtag #releasethesnydercut is circulating in the media

by Pierre Lorenz on November 22, 2019

For some days now the Hashtag #releasethesnydercut has been around on Twitter. We are

talking about the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, which is now demanded by several

prominent Hollywood celebrities. Among them are Ben Affleck, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

and Ray Fisher, who portrays the cyborg in Justice League. Snyder's response on Twitter was

also immediate, as he shared the tweets and added a comment that both Batman and

Wonder Woman can't be wrong. The timing of the tweets is also no coincidence, as it falls

exactly on the day when Justice League was released two years ago. However, many fans

and actors are still not satisfied with the version published at that time and demand the

version by Zack Snyder, who could not finish the film for personal reasons, so he was not

responsible for the final version. But what are the chances that we will see the Snyder

version in the foreseeable future? Probably rather poor, because the studio responsible,

Warner Bros, would have to invest a lot of money in marketing, special effects and potential

re-releases to get the Snyder version on the market. Especially since Justice League itself was

very expensive and didn't make enough money. Also the magazine Hollywood Reporter

claims to know that Warner is definitely not planning a release at the moment. Would you

like to see the Snyder Cut? Then, according to some industry magazines, you should join the

#releasethesnydercut movement as well. After all, today's film studios look very closely at

what their fans are demanding online, as you've recently seen at Sonic.

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