Squid Game: Netflix Pushes for Season 2

Meanwhile, series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk is still tired from the shootings

by Pierre Lorenz on October 6, 2021

Hardly any other series is currently influencing pop culture as much as "Squid Game", be it via memes, tweets or unintentional spoilers. At first glance, the series' plot is quite straightforward: 456 indebted people fight for a gigantic prize money in a total of six children's games. The downside is that despite of their colorful design, the games are not children-friendly at all and the slightest of mistakes can cost them their lives... a risk that many are willing to take. The success story comes from South Korean director and screenwriter Hwang Dong-hyuk, who spent almost ten years working on the realization of his project, only to keep facing rejections. Now, the finished result surprised millions of fans around the globe. Logically, the question now arises whether and when there will be a second season. Creator Hwang cannot imagine a production process similar to that of the first season, as he was physically and mentally at his breaking point while working on "Squid Game", which is why he doesn't even want to think about new episodes right now. Netflix, on the other hand, has naturally profited from the surprise hit and appears to want to continue its contender for the most successful Netflix series of all time. Without the series creator, that would hardly be possible. However, he doesn't want to have anything further to do with the series for the time being and would rather devote himself to other projects. In an interview with Vulture, Netflix's global head of TV Bela Bajaria talks about finding the right structure for Hwang in addition to his other projects. Thus, Netflix is going to attempt everything to produce a second season as quickly as possible with Hwang's participation. Especially given the very short-lived duration of hypes, this might possibly be a good idea. But first, Hwang would need to get other experienced writers and directors aboard. In fact, that's his main requirement for continuing to work on "Squid Game". With that said, we are sure Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos is already personally on his way to find highly qualified staff for the new season. As soon as there is more news about "Squid Game" Season 2, we will of course let you know!

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