Trick 'r Treat 2 is in Development

The sequel was announced at the Beyond Fest film festival

by Jonas Reichel on October 25, 2023

Trick or treat: Although the scary movie "Trick 'r Treat" didn't perform particularly well at the box office in 2007, it has increasingly become a small Halloween cult film over the years. Now director Michael Dougherty has commented on a second part.

"Trick 'r Treat" by Michael Dougherty tells of four intertwined Halloween stories centering around the character Sam. Sam is a disguised boy who acts as a preserver of Halloween traditions and punishes any missteps.

The announcement that a second part of the cult film is to follow is likely to generate a lot of buzz. In an interview with Collider, Michael Dougherty talked about the sequel, which is still in the works despite the strike. For the story, he said, the old storyboard artists have been brought back, who also worked on Part 1. Dougherty assured fans that they can look forward to a compelling script that is truly great.

Since "Trick 'r Treat 2" is currently still in the early stages of development, the sequel is likely to be a while in coming. Nevertheless, a release on Halloween is of course planned.