Kick-Ass: A Reboot Is Set to Release in Two Years Already

The director is also still looking for a brave actor for the lead role

by Pierre Lorenz on December 19, 2021

2010 saw the release of "Kick-Ass", the first of two films about the teenage comic book fan Dave, who wants to become a superhero himself. The movie, which was heavily hyped at the time, failed to convince every critic at first, but all in all it is a solid action movie with a quirky story. Last week, "Kick-Ass" creator Matthew Vaughn surprisingly announced that he was planning a "Kick-Ass" reboot in the very near future. In an interview during the promo tour for Vaughn's new film "The King's Man" he confirmed that he was planning to release a major reboot in two years. He added that it was probably so crazy that he was not even allowed to talk about it. He spoke of the film being beyond anything fans could imagine and being truly wacky and shocking. Quite ambitious talk, nevertheless we are eagerly awaiting more information on the upcoming "Kick-Ass" reboot. 

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