Pokémon: After 25 Years, It's Time to Say Goodbye to Ash and Pikachu

The series will continue nonetheless

by Pierre Lorenz on December 20, 2022

The "Pokémon" franchise has had an impact on entire generations: Some grew up with the anime from 1997, which is still running today, while others were introduced to it by the popular GameBoy games, trading cards or "Pokémon Go". But there's one thing that most people agree on: The franchise is iconic and will continue to inspire children and adults in the future.

At least for the 25-year-old anime series, however, there will now be a significant change: According to current reports, the main series will have to get by without its protagonist Ash and his faithful companion Pikachu in the future. This is due to the fact that Ash Ketchum has finally become the Pokémon World Champion and has thus achieved his lifelong dream. After so many years on screen, their farewell will be duly commemorated with the eleven-part miniseries "Aim to be a Pokémon Master", which will be released in Japan in just a few weeks.

It is also already known who will follow in the immense footsteps of Ash and Pikachu, namely two new characters. They are named Riko and Roy and come from the Paldea region. Pikachu will also be replaced by the Pokémon Spirigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. Since not much is really known about the newcomers, there are a lot of rumors. One of the most prominent speculations suggests that the two will be Ash's children.

We won't have to wait too long for the first season with the new characters. Season 26 starts in April, so speculations will certainly keep going until then.

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