"Terrifier 3" Gets a Release Date

With a budget of 250,000 dollars, "Terrifer 2" grossed over 15 million dollars worldwide

by Jonas Reichel on November 3, 2023

Art the Clown is back: the "Terrifier" series by director Damien Leone is now a cult favorite among die-hard horror fans. It seems that we can look forward to new atrocities committed by the terror clown next year.

With "Terrifier 2," Leone has probably succeeded in making one of the bloodiest slasher films of recent years. It proved to be a great success at the box office and generated a lot of hype. Headlines made the rounds that some viewers threw up during the screening and left the theater in a hurry.

All the higher should be the expectations for part 3, which is due to be released on October 25, 2025. Producer Steve Barton announced via X that "Terrifier 3" will be set at Christmas this time and published a first poster as part of the announcement, which should once again perfectly capture the essence of the series: You can see Art armed with an axe and wearing the face of Santa Claus around his neck - in terms of violence, they obviously want to go all out again.