Further Series from the "John Wick" Universe Planned

"The Continental" can currently be watched on Peacock

by Jonas Reichel on November 10, 2023

Good news for "John Wick" fans: the universe surrounding the popular hitman is to be expanded with two new series.

With the Amazon series "The Continental", we have already been treated to the first prequel from the world of "John Wick" this year, which dealt with Winston's rise to become manager of the Continental Hotel. Now two more series are to be produced, in which film director Chad Stahelski will be involved.

Stahelski revealed in The Playlist's "The Discourse" podcast that he is working on two promising new series: the first one is another spin-off series focusing on the structures and scheming of the High Table. The second one is an anime project, although no further information is currently available. The director also explained that he could imagine one or two characters from the previous films appearing in the series. He said:

"Yeah, I love Donnie [Yen], I love Rina [Sawayama], love the Tracker (Shamier Anderson), and the TV show and the ancillaries will give us a chance to expand the kind of fun world we've created, and it doesn't have to be John Wick, the character specific, you know what I mean so that we can explore all that stuff."

Aside from these new series, fans are currently waiting for the first spin-off film "Ballerina" starring Ana de Armas and Keanu Reeves. It is scheduled to hit theaters on June 7, 2024.

Image of Ballerina: A John Wick Story (2024) Movie Preview

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