Zack Snyder's New Movie: Rebel Moon Images Reveal More About the Characters

There will also be two parts already!

by Pierre Lorenz on June 7, 2023

"Rebel Moon", Zack Snyder's latest project, will be coming to Netflix later this year. This week, there are several pieces of news, including new images and information about the release - because according to the director, it will not stop at one movie.

The story plans for "Rebel Moon" look ambitious so far: Somewhere in the almost infinitely large universe exists a moon on which a peaceful colony lives. The focus is on the warrior Kora, who wants to protect the moon from the encroachments of the ruthless tyrant Balisarius at all costs. She therefore wants to solicit for support in the whole galaxy and gather the very best warriors for this purpose. You can get a first impression from newly released images that show most of the cast around leading actress Sofia Boutella.

Director and co-writer Zack Snyder also revealed a few new details about the movie. It was originally planned as a three-hour single film, but was then split into two shorter ones. The explanation is that movies do particularly well on Netflix when they run under two hours, and Synder's vision could not be limited to one shorter film. In addition, Snyder announced that he is planning two cut versions of "Rebel Moon", including a longer director's cut. This one is probably more intended for adults, and as we know since "Justice League", the Snyder Cut is sometimes even better than the original.

We are looking forward to more information and can't wait for the streaming release of "Rebel Moon", which is scheduled for December 22, 2023 on Netflix. Should the movie be well received by fans, it is likely that Snyder will create an entire film universe around "Rebel Moon" in the coming years.

Image of Star Wars: Ahsoka, Captain America 4, Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon