YouTube "Leak" of "Master Detective Pikachu"

Could actor Ryan Reynolds be involved?

by Pierre Lorenz on May 9, 2019

Many fans were quite surprised when they saw the new Pokemon film master detective

Pikachu being leaked to Youtube on Tuesday. Those who were already looking forward to

seeing the film two days in advance were disappointed after the first minute, which included

the Warner logo and high image quality and looked surprisingly real. Afterwards, the yellow

Pokemon dances one hour and forty minutes to 80s music in a continuous loop across the


A pretty good gag, but who was actually behind it? On the one hand this could be the

Pikachu dubbing artist and Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, who has often had a talent for

unusual advertising methods in the past. This is supported by the fact that the video can still

be found on YouTube.

The other option is that it's just a sophisticated and quite funny fan idea. Either way, the clip

stirs up the advertising drum.

By the way, fans can watch the whole movie in the cinemas since Thursday.

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