Morbius movie related to the MCU?

That's what the Sinister Six have to do with it

by Pierre Lorenz on January 14, 2020

A few days ago the first trailer for Morbius was released, in which the anti-hero played by

Jared Leto meets Vulture, the villain from Spiderman: Homecoming. This supports the

rumors of the last days that the new Morbius movie will have some overlaps to Spiderman

and the MCU. In the trailer you can see scientist and vampire Michael Morbius walking past

a Spiderman graffiti with the title "Murderer" and then meets Adrian Toomes aka Vulture.

Many fans are now speculating that Vulture's appearance might be a hint that the Sinister

Six will appear soon. The Sinister Six are a conglomerate of Spiderman villains and originally

consist of Vulture, Electro, Kraven The Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman and the leader Dr.

Octopus. Allegedly Sony has been planning its own spin-off for the Sinister Six for quite some

time. If you take Spiderman: Homecoming and Spiderman: Far From Home together, you

would have a couple of candidates with Vulture, Shocker, and the Scorpion and Carnage,

which have only been shown in the post credits so far, that could be included in the Sinister


If Sony does indeed expand the Sinister Six storyline, it doesn't necessarily mean that they

will also face Spider Man. The already announced Spiderman 3, which will be released in

2021, should at least get along without the Sinister Six. It's unlikely that these villains will

appear in the MCU anyway, since Kevin Feige has already spoken out against implementing

these villains in the MCU in the past. More likely, is an appearance of Spiderman in a Sony

villian movie.

Maybe the upcoming Morbius movie will tell us one or the other secret, the release date is

July 31th, 2020.

Image of Doctor Strange 2, Star Wars: Duel of the Fates, Morbius & Spider-Man