Personal message from Sylvester Stallone to the fans

New material from the set of "Rambo V: Last Blood"

by Pierre Lorenz on May 2, 2019

After some pictures of the upcoming Rambo V Last Blood have been released recently,

Sylvester Stallone approached the fans personally from the set. The clip consists of behind

the scenes shots and shows Stallone carving arrows and other things. He also promises that

fans can look forward to a handmade film like the first part. What exactly this means is not

sure, however, the first part goes mostly without CGI fireworks.

The plot will revolve around Gabriella, the daughter of John Rambo's housekeeper. Because

after she was kidnapped by a Mexican women-trader cartel, the retired John Rambo decides

that he has to take care of the situation himself and save Gabriella.

You can also hope for a trailer soon, after all Rambo 5: Last Blood will be released in the

cinemas on September 20, 2019.

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