The Batman: first pictures of the new Batmobile appeared

The new look is well received by the fans!

by Pierre Lorenz on March 3, 2020

Every bit of information and every snapshot of the set is worth a lot for every Batman fan. However, fans often have to be satisfied with amateur snapshots or blurred pictures. In "The Batman" it is the director himself who makes sure that the fans are provided with footage, similar to the presentation of the Batsuit in a separate video a few weeks ago. On Twitter, Matt Reeves now also presents the first pictures of the new Batmobile including Batman in full body view. The three pictures show the new Batmobile in all its glory. Also the ears of the Batsuit were not yet visible in the video published by Reeves, but in the meantime they were also visible on leaked, unofficial pictures. Overall, it can be said that the first impression of both the Batsuit and the Batmobile is very positive and fits the story of the young Batman, who in his early career came along with fewer technological suit gadgets.

We are definitely looking forward to further news from the set, there is still some time left until the us release on June 25, 2021.

Image of The Batman: Batmobile First Look, She-Hulk, Back To The Future