J.J. Abrams: Justice League Film AND Series?

Bad Robots closes a million-dollar deal with Warner Bros.

by Pierre Lorenz on January 22, 2020

A few months ago, J.J. Abram's production company Bad Robots made a million-dollar deal with Warner. A few days ago, the magazine Deadline reported that Bad Robot allegedly develops movies and series based on "Justice League Dark". It is not yet known what specific plans Bad Robots has in this regard. Also if Abrams will direct the projects himself or if he will give the direction to someone else is still not certain.

Nevertheless it seems to be planned that the Justice League Dark will be released in the cinema as well as on the new Warner streaming service HBO Max. It is questionable whether the films and series will then be integrated into the DCEU or the new DC series multiverse or whether they will stand completely on their own. The latter is rather unlikely, as it would make more sense to link the existing Justice League Dark formats with each other.

With the current state of information it is still difficult to estimate when and in what form the projects will be released, so we hope to get more information about Justice League Dark in the near future.

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