IT director Andy Muschietti with new horror project

Again, material from Stephen King will be used

by Pierre Lorenz on September 20, 2019

Although IT: Chapter 2 is still running in the cinemas at the moment, director Andy Muschietti is already a few steps ahead again. Alongside the work on Stephen King's novel Roadwork that was announced a few weeks ago, he is now working with his sister on the next project, in fact Stephen King's story The Jaunt. In an interview with "Consequence of Sound" he comments:

It's tough to crack because it's such a great short story, and then you have to expand it into a great film narrative. It took awhile, but now I think we got it. I don't want to tell too much."

Furthermore, he adds that the film adaptation has been in the planning stages for several years, but finally became more concrete as an author had finally been found. However, he didn't want to reveal the name yet.

The story of The Jaunt revolves around an invention for teleporting. The whole thing then expands so far that one can not only travel across the entire planet in a few seconds, but also everywhere in space. The key to this is that the traveller has to sleep during the process. If he doesn't, the teleportation feels like many years to the traveller instead of a fraction of a second. In the centre of the story is family Oates, who are about to travel to Mars in 2307. As you can imagine, it doesn't turn out so fine for everyone involved. Further information about cast, producers or other details are unfortunately not yet available. The next Stephen King adaption is already waiting for us on November 21st, 2019, as the Shining sequel Doctor Sleep will be released in the cinemas.

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