After Aurora rampage: Victims demand more clarification before the release of the "Joker" movie

This is Warner Bros.'s reaction to the letter

by Pierre Lorenz on September 27, 2019

The Joker, like his character, has been collecting headlines for several weeks before the release. In addition to the positive reviews at various film festivals, a critical, open letter to Warner boss Ann Sarnoff has now been published, the authors of which are victims of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado, rampage. One man stormed the premiere of Dark Knight Rises, killed a dozen people and injured many more. To make matters worse, it is said that he called himself Joker, but this was never confirmed. Now back to the letter: There is no demand not to show the film. The letter clearly emphasizes the right to "Free Speech and Free Expression". The authors of the open letter also make it clear that in their opinion there is no connection between violence in films and violence in reality. The request in the letter was that Warner should use its power to draw attention to the problem of armed violence so that, according to the authors, people don't have to go through the same thing as they went through. So Warner shall also participate in the demand for stricter weapons laws.

Warner also responded to the letter, pointing out that Warner's parent company AT&T had long been involved in an initiative by various US companies against armed violence. In addition, they believe that films must provoke, whereas the Joker does not approve of real violence. Joaquin Phoenix also made headlines when he was asked in an interview for an opinion on the issue and promptly left the interview to talk to his PR agents. Director Todd Philipps considers the debate to be completely wrong and also refers to movies like John Wick, which do not play in a fictional world like the Joker. As you can see, the discussion is currently highly emotionally and won't calm down that quickly. But one can be sure of its victory at least financially, as Warner will be happy that the whole world is talking about the Joker movie, regardless of the content of the discussion. The Joker will be released in us cinemas on the second of October 2019.

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